The Morning Suit

The Morning Suit


  1. Grammar Police says:

    Prince Charles owns a morning coat — should read — Prince Charles owns a morning suit.

  2. David Harris says:

    Your above photograph of the Royal couple is, in fact, of THE DUKE of KENT with his wife who for some reason carries a male name MICHEAL, DUCHESS OF KENT. There are no princes of counties, only dukes.
    Understandable mistake. By the way, she’s a foreigner, perhaps German.

  3. Hi Raphael,
    well done! Wir werden dann weiter mit Freude beobachten :-)
    Beste Grüße, Lukas

  4. Brummagem Joe says:

    A small solecism in the picture at the top (of Prince Charles?). A wrist watch and a pocket watch are both being worn. Belt and braces?

    • Charles Stanford says:

      That is a photo of Prince Charles as he left the carriage after arriving at Royal Ascot 2012. I was in attendance and very close to the members of the Royal Family and their guests and remember well the prince’s very smart attire. You are very astute in your observations – Prince Charles is indeed wearing both a wristwatch and pocket watch. This, in my opinion, is a double faux pas: 1)As you point out, it is a solecism as one should never wear both wrist and pocket watch at the same time; 2)It is also incorrect, at least arguably so, to wear a wristwatch with formal attire at all. A gentleman (and also a lady) has no need to know the time when at a formal event. He or she should enjoy the event with no regard for time, hence no reason to wear a watch. I never wear a watch when wearing formal attire – morning or evening. I attend and have a wonderful time (pun intended).

      • Anon Guy says:

        A man with one watch knows what time it is; a man with two watches is never quite sure.

      • Edmund Charles says:

        You are correct in stating that a wristwatch and pocket watch should never be worn together (ala the mixing of a waist belt along with suspenders), yet as per the protocol precedence of the Royals, anything that they do can thus be deemed acceptable from that point of wear going forward as when the Prince of Wales stated to wear collar down vice wing shirts during the early 1930s, it henceforth became commonly acceptable to do so along with Prince Albert’s wearing of the pocket watch and famous key chain fob for which he fashioned a trend and a fashion statement, the single and double Albert.

      • Gabriel says:

        Royal Ascot is certainly an important social event, and one of the few where day dress is formal (by regulation in the Royal enclosure and by popular custom elsewhere), however it is not a formal event in the sense that a garden party, reception or ball might be. It is, after all, The Races, and if one is interested in the racing one is going to need a watch. One needs to know when the next race will be, or if not watching every race, when the particular races one is interested in are coming up. One may have arranged to meet someone at a certain place, then have to catch up with someone somewhere else. One needs a watch. Prince Charles has chosen to wear his pocket watch—for so one assumes it is—with his morning attire (as one does); he also wears a wrist watch, in fact a chronometer. If he has an interest in any of the horses he may well want to time some of them unobtrusively. He is not committing a solecism, he is coming prepared.
        On the matter of watches with morning dress, while one might argue that one shouldn’t (too obviously) be wearing a watch in the evening at a social gathering, when dressed formally in the day one is not necessarily going to a party, one is simply dressed formally. In the past, when morning dress was de rigour, there were still things to do and people to see. One needed a watch.

    • Nick says:

      Prince Charles does NOT show a wristwatch in this photo. You gents are making that up, yes?

      • Look at the picture on the very top of the article and you can see Charles wearing a wristwatch.

        • Chris Cann says:

          Firstly, there is nothing to suggest that the person at the very top of this page is HRH the Prince of Wales.

          Secondly, even IF it is the Prince of Wales, there is nothing to suggest that there is a watch on the end of his Albert chain. At the races, it is equally possible for a pen or pencil to attached to the chain for marking the race card that he carries. This is not uncommon and perfectly correct.

  5. Marcel says:

    A question for you: I have inherited a morning suit from my grandfather. The coat is in good shape and fit me well, but the trousers are falling to bits, and cannot be worn. As far as I know, there has never been a matching waistcoat (I believe my grandfather used an odd waistcoat – though where it has ended up, I do not know).

    The coat and trousers are, as is common, in a light grey colour. Since the trousers are so worn, the only thing salvageable is the coat. Would it be very improper to pair it with my “standard” morning wear ensemble (striped trousers and light blue (double breasted) waistcoat)? I feel it would be a great shame to never allow this fine coat to see the light of day again.

    Is there precedence for this, or was a light grey morning coat only worn as a suit? This picture (found on your very excellent web site) at least to my eyes show three gentlemen wearing a lighter coloured morning coat with the regular striped trousers (or are they in fact charcoal?).

    Your opinion?

  6. Interesting read. This some thing we do teach the Chinese business man so they are dressed correctly when they do business in the UK.


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