The Waistcoat Slip & Piping

The Waistcoat Slip & Piping
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  1. [...] coats in this picture. While Lord Grantham opted for the more celebratory Ascot cravat and a slip, Carson put on a tie. Both wear an Albert watch chain and cashmere trousers. In contrast to the [...]

  2. [...] it as a loose double breasted jacket with three pairs of buttons, two cross pockets and wide piping. When intended for rough use, the coat was made of blue pilot cloth lined with wool. For town wear, [...]

  3. [...] in a charcoal peaked lapel morning coat with a dove grey, a single breasted waistcoat and a slip. Blue always works well with yellow, though Edward added a pastel rose boutonniere, white pocket [...]

  4. […] two contrasting vests on top of each other, like Bernard Wolf in the painting below. Subsequently, vest slips became en vogue and today you can still see them worn by gentlemen, especially with formal daywear. […]

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