The Tie for the Morning Coat

The Tie for the Morning Coat


  1. Joseph sparks says:

    A spittlefield pattern tie is was the norm, except for funerals , when a plain black tie is worn. Tartan can be worn by clan members (as can trews)
    Stock pins are worn halfway between the collar and the V of the vest.

  2. Michael says:

    How it looks a spittlefield pattern?

    • It is similar to a houndstooth pattern.

      • Nitpicker says:

        Firstly, it’s Spitalfield, not Spittlefield.

        Secondly, I’m not convinced the town of Spitalfield ever acquired a reputation for a distinct pattern – certainly not to the extent that Macclesfield or Paisley did. All of these silk-industry towns produced innumerable (and often similar) patterns in their prime. In early advertising, provenance was considered a mark of quality, so ties of varying design would be vaunted as “Spitalfield” or “Macclesfield” ties. In many cases (particularly overseas, and among others who had never heard of the towns in question) the adjective was assumed to refer to the pattern, when in fact it referred only to the source…

        Nice site. Keep up the good work.

  3. Greg says:

    You don’t mention the knot which I think is important information. All of the images appear to be four-in-hands, though. I would have thought that a four-in-hand would be too informal and a full or half Windsor would better suit the formality of morning dress. Am I wrong?

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