Ascot & Plastron For Morning Dress

Ascot & Plastron For Morning Dress


  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it acceptable, as alternative, to wear an ascot with a stroller o stresemann?, as is showed in the link bellow:


  2. Anon Guy says:

    Another good article.

    Shameless plug for the guy who made a bespoke (real) ascot for me a couple of years ago. David Hober, Brit expat in Thailand. Not cheap, but delivers a quality product – and exactly what you want. Sam is, I believe, his daughter.

    • John says:

      David Hober is an American, despite the fact that he comes from Northern California. American as apple pie, he told me.
      I had my ascot made in a repeating geometric on a blue field, similar to one that I saw in an AA/Esky print from 1939. It’s beautiful, and I prefer the knot shown above, not the one illustrated above in the drawings, in which it looks as though one wing has been draped over the top of the knot, much like an informal, inside-the-collar ‘ascot’.

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