Morning Dress Guide – Introduction

Morning Dress Guide – Introduction


  1. Dear Sir,
    1) This month I have bought a black tophat, a Chapeau Clack.
    Please your advise, is it better to keep the hat in “rest” position when not in use or is it better to keep it stored with the “springs” on?
    2) Is it done or not wearing a whitepochet/hankerchief in your breastpocket during a wedding of funeral?
    Grateful your advices.
    Kindest regards,
    Jan Jaap van Weering

    • Joseph sparks says:

      The first generally used as an accompaniment to evening tails and is not really meant to be worn.
      On the second point:- no pocket square at funerals and either a square OR a buttonhole, not both.

    • Dear Mr. van Weering,
      1) Joseph sparks is correct in saying that a Chapeau Claque is not appropriate for morning wear but that was not the answer to your question. In the future, I will write a more extensive guide on how to wear and store top hats. I would store it open to prevent wrinkles in the material.

      2) May I ask whether you use this information for commercial purposes in your seminars?

  2. Joseph sparks says:

    Can I help you create your guide.
    As a butler, I have a insight into the proper way that morning coat is worn.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am anxious you include the stroller in the guide, as soon as possible, because in my country and in most of the world there is no opportunity for jackets with tails, whereas a similar outfit to suit but more elegantly it would be accepted more easily.

  4. hernani taunay angeli says:

    I wonder. Is there a proper name for the tailcoat morning suit?? In my country (Brazil) they call it “Fraque”. Is there any relation with the English language that name??
    Thank you. Best Regards H.T.Angeli

  5. Park Jacob Weatheby says:

    Great information I’m putting together a morning dress ensemble and I wondering which is more appropriate to wear a derby hat or tophat and in that regards also should spats or tuxedo shoes be worn?
    Best Regards


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