Silk Piping – Ribbon Edging – Braiding

Silk Piping – Ribbon Edging – Braiding


  1. Michael Barthold says:

    Good history. Thank you. MB

  2. Keep in mind that the brown braid, buttonhole twist and buttons (especially if they are bakelite or some other form of early plastic or resin) might be due to fading. Often the silk of the braid and twist as well as the buttons fade diferently from the wool of the coat. I have found that most often if a vintage coat has brown button holes it is due to the dye in the silk twist fading from black to brown.

    • Dear Janson,
      You definitely have a point. However, I have a few more pictures of this particular morning coat and it had buttons and buttonholes in black and in brown. If your theory was true, all of them should have faded, but here we have one black button in the back next to a brown one…
      As such, I am not sure I you are right in this case. But again, you could not have known these additional facts.

      • That is very curious. It seems odd that a black button would be with brown buttons; if that was intentional, this person would have been an eccentric indeed! I suppose there is the factor of variable fading, say in the case of hanging in direct sunlight while some parts of the coat are less exposed for whatever infinite reason than the rest. There is also the possibility of the black button being somehow different than the rest, a later replacement perhaps. I suppose we shall never know without scientific evaluation; which would be rather ludicrous. I will say, though, that braiding on body coats is a wonderful thing and I am glad to see it making resurgence at royal events these days. I hope it makes a stronger comeback. I also want you to know that I thoroughly enjoy your efforts here and regularly check in with it. Keep up your fine work in upholding the sartorial arts!

  3. Mike Mackenzie says:

    My father’s tails had braided piping. I understood this was normal for members of POP at Eton.
    I am trying to find an affordable way of obtaining one for myself as too big for fathers one. Any ideas?

  4. Dear Mike,
    I took a look at your website and I think it is great that you wear morning dress with a wheelchair. Maybe I should write a section about that as well if you can assist/. What do you think?
    In regard to your question, I can only say that it will be extremely difficult to find a coat with braided piping since it is rare to come by. A local tailor should be able to add it to an existing coat that fits you.
    Do you have a picture of your father wearing his coat. Any information about POP, ETON and braiding is most welcome, so please share if you know more.

  5. Tony says:

    I have attended a few upper class weddings and noted that those who had piping or braid were Old Etonians ( they couldn’t have all been POP) everybody else wore plain morning coats. Now I notice it at civic functions and regard it as an identifier of and OE.

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