Morning Coat History

Morning Coat History


  1. Federico says:

    Wonderful article, Raphael! I really enjoyed the way you outlined the evolution of this garment. I love frock coats and the 1919 photo of the leaders in Versailles as been sitting on my desktop for a while, but the illustration of a man in plaid morning suit with matching trousers, though, is probably my favorite here.

    This morning, on my way back from the farmers market that I visit every Sunday, I met a man in his 70s walking very slowly along the road behind my house. I was very surprised when I noticed that he was wearing a morning dress! From the opposite side of the road, where I was standing, I studied the man and the unusual morning outfit. The blue light to mid weight-wool looked appropriate for the 21°C of this sunny day in London and was combined with white shirt, red necktie and old black (slip-on?) shoes. Overall, though, the man was looking particularly scruffy and I wondered whether he found the morning dress in a charity shop or simply decided to carry on using a garment purchased in his younger years. Anyway, I was particularly pleased to see that morning dresses are still around in town weeks after the carnival of Royal Ascot.

    • Thank you Federico and thanks for sharing your experience. Next time, take picture with your phone. I happened to see a British guy wearing just a morning coat as a topcoat substitute which I found quite odd but obviously, a morning coat is limited to formal daywear anymore.

  2. Adam says:

    A morning coat and a tail coat are entirely different things. Check your facts

    • Adam, it seems like you a getting confused here.
      As a group of garments we have tailcoats, which include all coats with tails such as the morning coat and the evening tailcoat.
      Generally people refer to an evening tailcoat when then say “tailcoat” and that’s indeed a different garment than the subject of discussion – the morning coat.
      I hope this made it clearer for you.

  3. Tony says:

    Very good. However, I would suggest that in the UK there has been a move back to wearing these at Weddings by all of the males on the Groom’s side , even at quite a low level of society. I would be less snobbish about these being of the Moss Bros hire variety, surely a good thing that people adopt higher standards at an event that is of ‘life importance’.
    However, no mention is made of surely the last bastion of formal dress where everybody owns their own and attends regularly – the City of London guilds and Livery lunches.

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