Hats For Morning Coats & Suits

Hats For Morning Coats & Suits


  1. Mateusz says:

    I personally like Fedora very much (more than Bowler or Homburg). I like the smoothness and slimness of it at the front. What do you think about wearing it with a stroller? Is it inappropriate? I know Homburg is more formal, but would that be a mistake?

  2. Dr. J. Holmes Armstead says:

    The stroller is a more formal version of the lounge style coat and hence the fedora which is really a hat of more casual origins, though now commonly used with modern business attire. It is really not a well attenuated garment fo and sr more formal occasions even in the daytime and should be confined to business dress with the homberg or bowler being more suited to the formality of the Stresseman or stroller suit outfit. JHA

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